Case Study: The Paramount at Somers (Q4 2023)

Concierge: Dominic DiLieto
Patient: Sheila Mannix
Patient age: 87
Admitted: December 15th, 2023
Admitted from: Northern Westchester Hospital
Discharge Date:TBD
Length of stay: 2 weeks (16 as of now)
Reason for stay: Rehabilitation from an infection

Details of experience:

With the year 2023 coming to a close, we here at The Paramount were visited by a friendly face. That friendly face is a Ms. Shiela Mannix, who has stayed with us here at The Paramount a few times in the past. And while she is known by most staff here as a past resident, she is known by some of our longer tenured staff as Nurse Shiela.

Earlier in the month, Ms. Mannix was presented at the hospital as she was not acting like her normal self. Ms. Mannix said that she had realized she was not feeling or acting how she usually does, her sister who she lives with, Delia, realized this as well. Ms. Mannix had been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, which had severely affected her physically and mentally. UTI’s, while known to be common among women, are also more common in the geriatric population. After being diagnosed, she and her family knew that having her stay at The Paramount was what was best for her. But this is not the first time Ms. Mannix has stayed with us. In fact, she has stayed here in the past as a patient, as well as a guest.

Earlier this year she had come to our facility following a fall at home. After a few weeks of physical and occupational therapy she had gone back home and, as she put it, “has been walking strong!” Also, last Christmas, Shiela had stayed with us for respite care as her family was out of town. While only here for a short time, she was happy to get to see everyone for the holidays and said she came just in time for the resident’s holiday party as well.

Some would say Ms. Mannix has come accustomed to the community, because of her multiple stays here as well as her 20+ years working here as an overnight nurse here. Ms. Mannix retired in 2010, but she said, “As soon as I come all my coworkers come to say hi and check on me.” One of those former co-workers is our Director of Maintenance, Rohan, who reminds everyone of how nice and generous she was and still is. And though her stay here has only been short at this time, she and her therapists, Rachael and Myra, have been thrilled with the progress she has made so far.

When Ms. Mannix first arrived two weeks ago, she was a max assistance for all movements and actions. Now, Ms. Mannix is up back on her feet and ambulating using a walker once again.

We look forward to seeing the tremendous progress Ms. Mannix continues to make and of course hope nothing but the best for her and the remainder of her rehabilitation journey in the future.