“I would like to express my gratitude to the Paramount at Somers Nottingham Unit care team for the professional and compassionate support they provided to my father-in-law, John, from February until -April 2022. John was nearly 91 years old, but when he was admitted to The Paramount. My husband and I will forever be grateful for the part the Nottingham team had in our journey.

Luckily, I was able to spend almost every day with John and felt like I became part of the beautiful care team that so attentively and patiently looked after him. John required a lot of attention, but every single person who came into the room to check on or assist John was professional, helpful, and kind. I have so much respect for Alexis, Laura, Dawn, and Stephanie, who were good sounding boards and whose experience and warm nature helped me and my husband traverse what turned into a tremendously difficult circumstance. They listen. They care. Carmelita and Kristen have bounds of patience and motivation tools and gave helpful updates and input. Inez, Emily, Heidi, Herlinda, Angela, and Nate are only a few of those whose names I know and who deserves credit for what they do. I feel like I should really thank Dr. Knox, too, because I know several calls were made to him on John’s behalf.

You should know that your team in Nottingham are pretty darn amazing to me and The Paramount is lucky to have them.”
— Sincerely, Robin F

“Emily’s stay at the Paramount was a Godsend for her, my husband, and myself. Your entire staff has been wonderful. I want to especially mention Jessie, the nurse on Scarborough. She is a sweetheart and such a caring person, and Angela, her rehab caretaker. Angela came to visit my mother-in-law pretty much daily, always with some homemade treats. Emilia always referred to her as “my friend.” Please pass on our thanks to them and your entire staff.”

— Marianne and Bob V

“It is with the utmost gratitude that I write to you today on behalf of myself and my husband Bill who was recently in residence at your facility.

When Bill was admitted to the Paramount in November of 2021, he was unable to walk and was confused and suffering from memory loss. During the three months that he spent in the Nottingham Unit, I watched him slowly regain the ability to walk and become more cognizant of his surroundings. While he still suffers from memory loss (due also to a previous cardiac episode), he is remembering some of his past life and is focused on continuing to recover from the falls responsible for his current situation.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for the dedicated staff at the Paramount. The nurses on Nottingham (Alexis, Dawn, Richu, Kerry, Lynn, and Lisa), as well as the CNA’s (Samantha, Erica, Linda, and others whom I did not know by name), were outstanding in caring for Bill but more importantly they were always responsive to my questions and concerns for his well being. Laura and Sheila were also always there to make certain that Bill’s recovery was going as it should. From the nursing staff to the CNA’s to the cleaning staff everyone was incredibly kind.

Additionally, we must acknowledge the person who keeps everything running smoothly on Nottingham-Inez. Not only is she able to accomplish the many clerical tasks she undertakes every day, but she is always willing to give assistance whenever and wherever it is needed. She is kind to every resident (no matter how difficult he or she may be) as she truly cares for all of them while they are on the unit. Don’t ever lose her— she is a valuable member of the team there.

Part of Bill’s time was spent in cognitive therapy with Kristen. She was diligent in her efforts to improve Bill’s comprehension and his memory. She, too, was always patient, kind, and caring in working with him.

Of course, the most significant part of his recovery was spent with the outstanding Physical Therapists. While he worked with various PT staff members, we credit Jessie with having the most impact on his ability to navigate the stairs at our residence. She was tireless in her efforts to be certain that he was able to climb those stairs safely and with confidence. Day after day she worked with him to build the strength in his arms and legs so that he would be able to leave the Paramount and go back to his life as it was before he fell.

In closing, we want to thank you, Mark, for taking the necessary measures to keep everyone safe during Covid-19 at The Paramount. It was not an easy task, but it was approached with great concern for the residents and staff under your care.”
— William (Bill) M and Margaret (Gerry) M

“Our family wanted to thank your facility for the care and kindness shown to dad during his stay at Paramount. We feel the staff and facility met our expectations and more. During our visits with dad, we felt all the staff on Tate Unit were wonderful. The residents on Tate Unit are very challenged with memory issues needing total care, and the staff is able to give care with kindness all in an effort to make the quality of life better for the residents.”

Two people, in particular, stood out during our visits:

Christina— She handled herself with a high level of professionalism. She showed kindness and concern for dad as well as for us. This was a very difficult time for our family, and Christina was able to put our minds at ease by always answering the many questions, and reacting immediately to dad’s needs. We truly appreciate all that she did.

Daniel— He is an asset to The Paramount. This young man showed compassion and a tremendous giving heart. He showed friendship to dad by listening to his many stories and dad thought of Daniel as his “pal”. Daniel was kind, concerned, and attentive. He made each day a little more comfortable for dad. Daniel will have a special place in our hearts.”
— Inge D, Evelyn D and Amanda T

“Our family felt a sense of peace & comfort seeing and realizing dad was cared for by many wonderful people on the Tate Unit. Upon dad’s passing, the Tate Unit staff comforted us and shared a few nice memories they had of dad. God Bless to all.

‘This is my second or third time here. I came all away from Yonkers because I wanted to come back to The Paramount for a simple reason; because they took such good care of me and I felt comfortable here. I am very happy with the care and I am not sorry I came back. When I came, I saw a few girls that I remembered from the last time and that made me feel more comfortable and happy. The rehab is very good they work with you and encourage you. The staff and the care is great and they try very hard to make you happy.’”
— Lydia H.

“I spent six and a half months at The Paramount recuperating from COVID. I would not be walking, talking, or feeding myself today without the help of the rehabilitation department. I arrived completely paralyzed and left by walking into my husband’s arms. The staff is top-notch and I couldn’t be happier to recommend it to others.”
— Susan A.

“When I came here I was weak and couldn’t do much. The staff here really pulled me through; everyone here was great. Rehab helped me build my strength as they work very hard with you. They always motivate you, and now here I am walking. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”
— Carolyn H.

“I am a resident at The Paramount. I can tell you that this is the greatest place I could have chosen; everyone is so nice. The medical staff and aides are exceptionally adept in their work.; everyone is always cheerful. The activities are a pleasure to take part in. They have great social workers and an exceptional concierge. I have been very happy here for three years so far.”
— Joan M.

“My mother has been a long term resident for the last three months. During this time, we have been very pleased with the professional care she has received on the Westminster unit. The nurses, aides, and clerical staff are easy to work and get along with. Several staff members stop by to check on her every day. The rehab staff is very caring and committed. We have seen tremendous improvement in the short time she’s been here. The people in recreation come by to escort her to various programs and to check in on her.”
— The Hanner Family

“I am a unit clerk at The Paramount at Somers. What I like most about working in this community is the family vibe that I have been able to build with my co-workers and peers. In addition, I love being able to bring joy to the residents on a daily basis. Whether it’s singing to residents or telling a little joke to put a smile on their faces, even if it’s for just for a little while makes working here worth it!”
—Cynthia M.

“I have been with The Paramount for fifteen years in housekeeping. Working here and being around residents has given me great joy.” – Giovanna F.

“I enjoy working here at The Paramount as a CNA on one of our short term units. I have been working here for 15 years. I love the staff I work with; we are like a family. I find joy each day being able to take care of our residents— I feel much rewarded.”
— Jenifer M.

“I am a patient here at The Paramount. I would like to express my feelings about my stay here. This is my second stay. Both stays have been a good experience for me. The staff is kind and helpful. They have treated me with respect. They have answered all my questions. They always check on me to make sure that I am satisfied and if I need anything. I have felt safe here and the staff makes every effort to get me stronger every day.”
— Kim C.

“Dear Administrator, The Westminster Staff were a ray of sunshine today. Here are the details: I got smiles, nods, conversation, and laughs from everyone as they passed my room. I am thankful for each person. This is my second stay at The Paramount and although I was sad when I had a recent fall at home, I was happy that I was able to return to The Paramount. I was greeted by many smiling staff that made me feel comfortable and in good hands. The nurse aides are very helpful in meeting my specific needs and are always a pleasure to be around. The food service is good and accommodating to my preferences. The recreation staff was inviting and kept me supplied with plenty of things to do. Overall, my impressions continue to be good even for my second time around, and I have made many friends here!”
— Felicia F.

“I have been very pleased with all of the staff. Being here opened up my eyes to all of the good work that the staff does for the patients. Especially for the patients who are more dependent on staff for their care. It’s nice to know that people do care.”
— Janet H.

“Sheila, your genuine, caring nature and encouragement each day helped me to progress and to be successful. You are a true credit to your profession and a real asset to The Paramount!”

“The care here has been exceptional. The staff and rehab therapists are great, and I’m really going to miss this place!”
— Eleanor B.